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Dejame Decirte`s mission is the comprehensive development of artists at an international level. To do it, we find and close deals with appropriate partners to the artists (labels, publishers) and provide a set of customizable services: tour organization, album promotion, physical and digital distribution, web&myspace design and programming, disc duplication, photo shoot sessions, music videos.
In addition, we have the objective of spreading the international musical culture in Spain, focusing in emerging rock bands of great quality. We provide the means to those artists for their introduction into the national concert and media circuits for their development in Spain.
We advise the artist in the different stages of his professional development providing in every step the necessary support.
- Negotiation and closure of label, publishing, synchronization, distribution and agency deals
- Presence in the main festivals and fairs both national and international
- Inscription and follow up in the international competitions and awards
- Album promotion, media planning and tour organization
- Trademark management
Tour Organization
- Venues: booking depending on the city and capacity required
- Promotional aspects: information send and follow up to the main media. Interview organization. Online marketing campains (google adwords, facebook). Printing and sticking of posters.
- Logistic aspects: trip planning, hotel/motel reservation, van renting etc
All the direct costs (venue, van renting, hotels) are directly paid by the band/promoter/label.
Dejame Decirte provides the management service for all the tour. This service is interesting for a band with the capability of attracting a minimum of 150 people per venue with a minimum entry cost of 8
Album promotion
The different activities proposed associated to the launch of an album:
- postal sending of singles /albums to media and promoters: 190 Spain, 80 Europa, 110 USA&Canada
- digital sending of singles /albums to media and promoters (less effective, less cost) : 200 Spain, 90 Europa, 110 USA&Canada
- newsletter to 57.000 rock and metal fans
- coordination of interviews and publicities

Activities of support
- Disc duplication: promotional singles and albums to different scale productions (100, 500, 1.000, 2.000)
- Merchandising: t-shirt, hats, sweatshirts, lighters, badges.
- Design: logo, art, myspace, web, posters, flyers.
- Image: photo shooting sessions, music videos, live videos
- Distribution: in the main digital stores (itunes, amazon, spotify etc), physically (purchase done through internet), negotiation with retail distributors in Spain.

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